About Me

Holly Wimbush. 22. Acts like she’s younger.

Loves Robert Pattinson too much. Obsesses really.

Likes to drink cocktails, excessively.

Loves to booty shake to Beyonce.

Found her soul mate in Kelly Clarkson.

Finds solace in other peoples words.

John Mayer seduces her soul.

Bandwagon driver to many, especially Michael Buble.

Buys high heels, but never wears them.

Addicted to coffee. Built in Starbucks and Nandos radar.

Has many guilty pleasures.

Her Blackberry has become an extension to herself. Sleeps with Chuck Berry (aka blackberry).

Loves fanfiction too much. Plans to be a publisher.

Wants to live in New York, it’s where she belongs.

Music and Literature is her life.

Robert Pattinson comes first. Always. Fifty ftw.